I have a house that has a sump pump basin with French drains leading to it already. I donít get much water but when it rains heavily I do get some seepage from my foundation walls. My foundation walls are pre-formed slabs and joined together with a sealant (not sure what type). The weak points of my foundation are where the walls are joined together.

I was thinking about making another sump pump basin to drain more water away from my foundation. My plan was to jack hammer out a hole in my basement floor opposite where my current sump pump is and drop in a sump pump basin and install another sump pump. Iím not a plumber but I think I am capable of doing a job like this. I had a few questions and if you guys/gals could give me advice I would surely appreciate it. Here are my questions:

1. Is there a major risk of cracking the foundation walls by jackhammering the hole through the floor of the basement? Also, is there a risk of weakening the foundation for the house by making this hole?

2. Will there be a significant benefit to making another sump pump basin?

3. Any tips for making this project go easier? Making the PVC connections are fairly easy, my only real concern is making the hole in the ground.

4. Am I crazy for attempting something like this? Iíve finished my basement by myself (with decent success) and I do most of my home repairs myself.
Thanks in advance for your advice.