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Thread: Laundry Boxes - Any custom jobbers ?

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    Default Laundry Boxes - Any custom jobbers ?

    I need to gut my basement drywalll and this time for the laundry room, I plan to do a half wall tile.....
    Anyhow, have any of ya'll installed anything different than a regular laundry box & or just draining it into a sink ?
    My current set is a utility sink.

    The new proposed setup is TBS - as there will always be a utility sink in the laundry room.
    I'm thinking about doing a tile niche and just tile around it...and do my own valves, etc in there.

    Post some pics if ya'll have done something similar.

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    Put in something like this: http://www.siouxchief.com/Access/Out.../Ox-Box3.KG6YI You can tile around it, if you wish.
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    There is absolutely NO requirements as far as the "box" is concerned. You can do anything you want to. The absolute minimum is two valves on the face of the wall with the trap and standpipe exposed. From there you can get as extreme as you can afford.
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