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Thread: Baseboards.....

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    Default Baseboards.....

    So I need to start the homework and start looking at hot water baseboards.
    Can ya'll recommend some brands. The ones I used previously were Runtals.

    BTW, when installing them flush to the wall, how do you guys *do the pipework- connecgtions* on them - if at all possible - doing the pipework from behind ?
    My previous ones were installed on the sides with covers on them.....the covers took away from the overall look of the Runtal baseboards.
    Others, where it's a bit more industrial looking, just have the Union exposed on the wall...

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    Unless you spend big bucks for cast iron or extruded aluminum everything else is pretty much the same junk. fin tube base is fin tube base. Find one you like the looks of
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    Slant Fin was the most popler one used.



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    Slat-Fin at the local home store would work just fine.

    Consider running PEX from baseboard to baseboard. Makes connections much easier. I sweated all of the PEX fittings to the baseboard in the comfort of my garage before installing them. For easy installation I ran all of my PEX to the aprox. location, installed a 1 foot high section of drywall (the length of the baseboard), drilled the drywall for the piping, cut the PEX to its final length and crimped the fittings. With all of that done you can screw the drywall & baseboard to the studs.

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