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Thread: driven round the bend

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    Default driven round the bend

    I recently purchased a toilet from an auction house only to get it home and find that it has an unusual bowl and outlet set up. I am hoping that someone can give some insight into the unit as we have not seen anything like this and can find nothing about it on the internet.
    I really want to know why this toilet has 2 outlets underneath and an extra hole at the front of the bowl ?
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    The extra small hole in the bowl may be the siphon jet, which is quite common in the USA.

    I've never seen two outlets below the bowl. One, but not two.

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    I do not know who makes it, or why it has two outlets, but I CAN guarantee that you will NOT find any floor opening which is oval so they will both drain into it, especially with just two bolt holes and they are between the two outlets. I hope you got it cheap, because it looks like you are stuck with it.
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    Looks like it's made to fit two different rough ins. Just knock out the plug on the outlet you're going to use.

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