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Thread: Two water well motors in a month.

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    Default Two water well motors in a month.

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    We have a one year old water well for watering our 12 zone yard. Just a month ago it stopped working so we replaced the submersible 1 hp Wellsub pump, pressure tank and pressure switch. I worked for about two weeks and now the submersible pump motor is burned up? The tank pressure is set at 38 psi and the pressure switch is a 40/60 the well is 70 ft deep with the pump at 60 ft. Any ideas on what is causing the motors to go out? .

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    I'd be checking the starting and running amps to the motor. Sounds like a wire issue to me
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    You don't give enough detail about the GPM of the pump and the size of the tank or what the 12 zones draw so we cannot deduce how much the pump cycles. Excessive cycling could have killed it in a year but unlikely to kill it in less than a month. If the irrigation system is not well matched to the pump GPM, you might consider a Cycle Stop Valve to stop excess cycling.

    Was there any lightning around the time it died? Is it a metal or PVC casing? If metal, is it bonded to the service ground? A home with inadequate grounding can be more prone to pump motor damage.

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    Check the power source and electricity to the motor. You could have low voltage which would burn the motor out very quickly, and could also be the reason the first motor failed. You might have replaced the motor, and the other things, without finding and curing the cause of the original failure.
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    Has the well run dry at any time? Does it recover? RUnning a pump dry is not generally good.
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