We're looking at the Toto models MS854114SL-01 Ultramax ADA vs. cyclone Ultramax II Gwyneth MS604114CEF (don't know ADA model for sure). I've seen not so good reviews of the 1.28 gallon Totos. The video of your review with blue dye and a couple of pieces of toilet paper don't seem to emulate real world toilet use with feces and a wad or three of toilet paper.

Cleaning isn't really an issue, nor is the slightly lower water usage 1.6 vs. 1.28 to us, should we stick with the MS854114, or is the cyclone stuff really that good in real world situations?

Last quick question, does the sanigloss or whatever special finish on the Ultramax II come with any special cleaning precautions? We have house cleaners come every 2 weeks, and I'm worried they'll use something that'll damage it.