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Thread: Kitec Sample Request

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    Default Kitec Sample Request

    I'm looking for a sample of kitec pipe and/or fittings and hope someone here can help me. Let me explain a bit.

    I'm a home inspector by trade but am going to be teaching a continuing education class in the evening for first time home buyers. Just kind of the basics of obvious things to look for when walking through homes. I do run into a fair amount of kitec plumbing on home inspections but I write my report and move on. I'm never around for the repipe. I'd like to get a sample of the blue or orange pipe and maybe some fittings that I could pass around in class as visual aids. So if anyone on here is getting their kitec system replaced or does repipes for a living and could save a foot or two of pipe before it goes in the trash I can paypal you for your trouble and shipping, just shoot me a pm. Thanks in advance. -Rob

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    i have spare pipe and fittings. Kitec iPex.

    Any internet photo will illustrate the color of blue or orange very well.

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