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Thread: Hot water heater after flooding

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    Default Hot water heater after flooding

    I recently had about 8 inches of water in my basement and the pilot light on both the hot water heater and furnace went out. I called the utilities company and asked if the could send someone to start the pilot light. Right before they came, my husband was able to start both of them. (they had both been turned off for a week) However, the utilities worker came in and said that they can't be started and they shouldn't be started and he wrote up a violation. He said the problem was that the insulation got wet. I have called a few different guys, plumbers and hvac, and got conflicting thoughts on this. Some say turn it off, get a new one. Some say to start it. What is your opinion on this?

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    If the water got up to the gas valve, the unit is condemned. If the water just got to the burner then it would be up to the manufacturer as to whether it can be repaired. insurance companies deal with this all the time and should accept the ruling of your manufacturer and your gas company

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    Bottom line, gas valves for appliances are not considered safe if they get submersed.
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    Bradford White Service Bulletin about water heaters in a flood. http://www.bradfordwhite.com/service...a_flooding.asp

    A. O. Smith Technical Bulletin http://www.hotwater.com/lit/bulletin/bulletin0823.pdf

    In other words if the ehater been in a flood even if its only a day old it needs to be replaced.

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