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    This is funny, but honestly, ( bob) it is not a joke. I had a most interesting phone call. My son is out of state and attended a convention. Now, he didn't say what kind of convention. I did hear something about science, but, then, we always are talking about science, so, I thought I just missed something and I was at work, working, so, I thought I would ask him later. Next I hear him say, "mom, Martin Landau wants to talk to you" and he did sound really excited. But, then, I was at work, working and figured I would ask him later. I hear a man ask me if I was Cookie, and he said, he was Martin Landau, and stated how nice my son was, and that I should be proud of him, he is that nice of a person. He was telling me how much he thinks of me and thinks of me first. I told him, I was indeed very proud of him, and he went on saying, that I should tell him. I told, this man, I tell him everyday, how proud I am of him. Now, I thought, he must be the roommate of my son. Then, he started talking about how hard my son's job is, and how he couldn't do it. Now, I thought, oh, okay, my son sent me someone who wants to buy a house or get one appraised. So, now I am thinking houses. He said, he is leaving to visit his daughter then, off to LA. Now, I am thinking, I don't sell in LA. So, after 15 minutes of talking to a man, I had no idea why, or who he was, back comes on my son on the phone. He said, ' mom, did you like talking to Martin Landau, did you ask him about Mission Impossible?"

    "Mission Impossible?" I asked him, what kind of convention he was at! Here he was at a Dragon Con convention for science fiction! I was talking to the real deal, I was trying to sell him a house!
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    IT is like when Telly Savales was on a plane to Europe and this guy kept pestering him for his autograph. Telly brushed him off. When the plane landed there was a red carpet rolled from the stairs to a waiting limosine. Telly thought that was very thoughtful of someone to recognize that he was on the plane, but it was for the guy he brushed off, the King of Sweden.
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    I really laughed at that HJ. Is that true?
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