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    This is funny, but honestly, ( bob) it is not a joke. I had a most interesting phone call. My son is out of state and attended a convention. Now, he didn't say what kind of convention. I did hear something about science, but, then, we always are talking about science, so, I thought I just missed something and I was at work, working, so, I thought I would ask him later. Next I hear him say, "mom, Martin Landau wants to talk to you" and he did sound really excited. But, then, I was at work, working and figured I would ask him later. I hear a man ask me if I was Cookie, and he said, he was Martin Landau, and stated how nice my son was, and that I should be proud of him, he is that nice of a person. He was telling me how much he thinks of me and thinks of me first. I told him, I was indeed very proud of him, and he went on saying, that I should tell him. I told, this man, I tell him everyday, how proud I am of him. Now, I thought, he must be the roommate of my son. Then, he started talking about how hard my son's job is, and how he couldn't do it. Now, I thought, oh, okay, my son sent me someone who wants to buy a house or get one appraised. So, now I am thinking houses. He said, he is leaving to visit his daughter then, off to LA. Now, I am thinking, I don't sell in LA. So, after 15 minutes of talking to a man, I had no idea why, or who he was, back comes on my son on the phone. He said, ' mom, did you like talking to Martin Landau, did you ask him about Mission Impossible?"

    "Mission Impossible?" I asked him, what kind of convention he was at! Here he was at a Dragon Con convention for science fiction! I was talking to the real deal, I was trying to sell him a house!
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