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Thread: multi-choice universal valve

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    Default multi-choice universal valve

    my distributor sold me a delta universal rough (r10000-unbx) which has a threaded bottom outlet for tub spout.
    i am not using a tub feed, only shower- question: do i need to cap the bottom threaded outlet? thanks alot--

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    Water will go to ALL outlets, so you must cap any that are not used.
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    Yes, if it did not come with a plug, you do need to plug/cap it. Almost all shower valves are made with tub AND shower outlets so they don't have to differentiate inventory.

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    And if it were I, the valve would be installed upside down to give maximum flow to the shower head, but keep the hot water on the proper side when the cartridge is installed, i.e., do NOT install it upside down.
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