Hello Everyone,
I'm in the middle of a DIY nightmare, remodeling a second floor bathroom for my mom. The house is 90 or so years old, with some really bad renovations and additions done by the previous owner, about 20 years ago.
I don't want to go into the whole story but basically the DWV for the two bathrooms were hacked up by the previous owner so I planned to just remove the CI down to the basement.
Unfortunately the CI came loose at the basement floor. it basically just pulled right out by hand to reveal the 4"CI stack was cut just below the hub and then dropped into a 6"clay sewer branch line. Can I use an o ring? or do I have to cut up the concrete and do the coupling over the clay tile?
Seems to me the o ring or donut would be a tighter more secure fit.
Is there a temporary solution that can hold a couple weeks so I can finish the project and go back to cutting up the basement floor?

Thanks in advance!