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Thread: drained hot water tank

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    Default drained hot water tank

    I just drained my hot water tank,after conpletion I have resin from the water softner coming from the laundry tub cold water fauset ,located beside the softner. Help needed. Thanks, Bill

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    What kind of softener is in question?
    If there is resin going down the drain there are a number of things that could be going on, but the brand and type of softener will help in what could or could not be the reason for resin in the drain line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akpsdvan View Post
    If there is resin going down the drain...
    The OP said resin is in the cold supply, not the drain.

    Depending on how the softener is plumbed in relation to the water heater, draining the heater could have reversed the flow through the softener and if it doesn't have a top basket, it could have carried resin into the cold supply line.

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    I can think of NOTHING that draining the water heater could have done to cause the softener problem, EXCEPT if the high flow to fill the heater broke the internal distributor in the softener. In any case, the softener MUST be put into bypass mode to avoid having ALL the faucets and toilets plugged with the resin. Then replace the softener or have it repaired.
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