Round Trip: 3.5 miles
800' gain
High Point: 3060'

One of my favorite hikes in the Cascades is Lake Dorothy. A fairly easy hike, one you can do with kids, and yet many enjoyable moments on the way to the lake and at the lake. There are rivers washing over granite rock, exposed by years of being washed down by icy cold water from the lakes. At the lake, you can look out accross the water toward the far peaks, cool you feet in the water and even catch some trout. It's a great place to bring a picnic lunch.

Terry and Sue at the foot bridge.

The outlet of the lake. When you see this you are moments from the lake.

Sue casting a line in.

Lake Dorothy. A short hike accessed from the Miller River Road, from Highway 2 on the way to Stevens Pass in Washington State. A good place for hiking with kids.
Below the footbridge, there's even a slide into a pool of water in the river. I'm not sure the kids should do that, but I find it fun.