I have not been to this forum in a while - everthing has been working well (until now), and no projects lately. I hope everyone is doing good.

Yesterday i noticed a noise from the kitchen faucet that sounded like air spitting out with the water stream. Today I heard it in the shower too. My wife said she noticed it to when the washer was filling. It doesn't do it all the time.
It sounds like air in the water line (like when you drain the lines to repalce a fixture and then turn the water back on - but not that extreme).

I checked the water condtioner/softner to make sure it wasn't in a regen cycle, and I see no leaks anywhere. I can't think of anything that would cause this noise - except my worse fear, the Well is running dry and starting to suck air. I guess if this continues, I'll need to call Well Driller person. The house/Well is around 25 years old. I'm in Central FL.

Is there anything else I can check? Any ideas?