Hi All,

I just installed a 50 gallon Economizer 6 Sears brand hot water heater. The heater came with an Aluminum Anode rod. In reading most of what I have found on the forums, the only difference between a 12 year warranted tank and a 6 year warranted tank is the inclusion of a Magnesium Rod with the 12 year warranted tank.

I installed the new water heater with the aluminum rod and ordered a reliance Magnesium Anode Rod.

I received the new rod about a week after I installed the heater.

My question is: Should I replace the Aluminum rod with the Mag rod right away, or should I leave the Aluminum rod in place for a couple of years?

I guess the real question is whether the steel tank starts to corrode right away with an aluminum rod because it is not as good at preventing corrosion, or do both types work just as well but for longer or shorter periods of time based on the type of rod?

Thanks, JimA