First off - thanks to all of you who contribute to this message board as it has a wealth of information.

I am in the middle of remodeling our master bathroom and would appreciate some guidance.

Where I stand now is a 2'x2' demo'd area of concrete from the foundation of the house in order to remove the old drain assembly, cast iron p-trap (found it was cracked once I removed it.

What I am unsure of is how to properly assemble / re-cement the area that I demolished. I've already purchased the following:

2"to2" No Hub Fernco Adapter
2" ABS
Oatey Square Drain w/ clamping ring
2" ABS P-trap

The problem I have is when it comes to filling in the concrete etc to make the area whole again. Do I reconstruct the drain plumbing but not attach the drain itself? I'd imagine I'd want to make the floor flush with the riser portion of the ABS plastic? Or do I install the bottom portion of the drain into the cement and make the cement flush with the bottom portion of the drain? Are there any walk-throughs available online?

This picture from leads me to believe that the bottom portion of the drain should sit above the foundation slightly in order to properly slope the pre-slope making the bottom drain portion flush with the mortar pre-slope. If so - how much above the foundation?

Is it ok to embed an abs drain in concrete?

Apologize in advance if my post is confusing as it's a lot more difficult to describe the predicament than I thought.