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    Ian, I had read where their is enough of fossil fuel in this country alone to last another 4 to 500 years. Back way back, it was said, we would run out of oil in 30 years, that was said, I think, in the 30's. More oil will be found. I think you underestimate the size of the US, and the distance between home and work for most. Not everyone lives in a place like London where all transportation is available and to ride in a bike in remote areas here, or rural areas here is a joke Ian. You would be peddling your butt off for hours and be too tired to work! To excerise is one thing to be foolish is another. One way people could cut back is on mowing the lawns, but, then you got to remember that their are negatives things in doing that! I wait for the day, one person has all the answers to important things in life, but that isn't going to happen. It takes many people everywhere to think, to figure things out, to find answers, and one thing, all most do is to remember one thing, that circumstances must be weighed in. You are giving answers to us, in the US, like our country is like yours. Not so. The answers cannot be the same for the factors are not. It is like doing an equation=the state of being equal.

    Dust your erasers, wipe the chalkboard and start all over again. This time, use all the information you know, the sizes of the countries, do a math proof, and remember Ian,
    quod erat demonstrandum. ( which was to be shown)
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