I just had an electrician check out my hot water tank because it has flipped the breaker since it was first installed. This gentleman is telling me I need to have a new line put in between the hot water tank and the panel. All he did was walk around the basement but never actually checked anything with any meters or other diagnostic tools. He is highly rated on Angie's list but it seems odd that putting a new hot water tank that is the same size as what I had before would require additional power.

I'm asking this question on this forum because I'm trying to confirm how much power is needed for my electric hot water tank. Ever since it was installed, it flips the breaker. I have 240 coming into the house and the tank is an 80 gallon tank which is the same as I had before. The label on the tank shows single phase 208V and single phase 240V.

Is there a test that I can run or somewhere I can look up the power requirements myself? I don't want to spend the money to put in a new line if it isn't necessary.

Thank you.