I am in the process of doing a remodel in my kitchen and would like to ask a question regarding sink replacement.

Previously I was looking at some of the more known names (Kohler, etc) for a new sink, but the prices for these sinks are OUTRAGEOUS. We are talking about a punched piece of metal to hold water. I have done more looking around and found similarly designed sinks (i.e., same material/weight, color, lay-out, ect.) but I am not familiar with the brand name.

Has anyone had any experience with Morning Industry, Inc? They make sinks out of 18-gauge 304 Grade Stainless Steel, they have differing layouts like the "upper" manufacturers, and have lifetime warranties. But the hassle of installation and money spent to remove it later is worth trying to find out a little more information now.

Let me thank you all ahead of time for any and all responses.