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Thread: Advice needed for preparing for a hurricane

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Gills View Post
    You should do what I did Ballvalve and cut that forest down.

    It's not European growth after all.
    I did, most of it, and built the house with it. Sugar and Ponderosa pine, but the part that burns and is the "ladder" fuel is Manzanita and buckbrush. Its all 2nd and 3rd growth anyway as your genius Cornish miners packed our forests deep into the gold mines many generations ago. [ not a cut, these Cornish miners were the BEST on earth]

    Loaded about 40,000 pounds of pine onto the trailer destined for my sawmill just today, even with a forest fire burning our way.

    And its so amazing in that there is another billion pounds of pine that I have no time to cut and the mills are too far away to be interested.

    That's called "investing in people", which America does not do. China does though. You need to understand the big picture to get it. To care about your community, not just your family. To care about people you do not know and will never meet, because if they do good then so will you

    China invests in people? Yes, as slaves, backhoes, loaders, and beasts of burden to move their homes from the path of the rising waters of that absolute disaster of a dam that will eventually send them entirely to coal and nuclear. Lesser and mildly slower disasters.

    China needs the ONE BABY plan continued, or our next BIG ugly war will be much sooner.
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