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Thread: Advice needed for preparing for a hurricane

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian Gills View Post
    Guns are an equalizer?

    So are taxes.

    But I don't see Americans lobbying for them.

    You can keep your guns to help the physically disadvantaged when we can raise your taxes to help the economically disadvanged.

    When was America about equality?
    time to batten down the hatches, dontcha think? That's what I'm doing when I get home. Have to keep things put away or lashed down so they don't become missiles.

    As far as taxes go, I pay enough already; besides Fed and state taxes, I pay $8K a year to my town/county as Real Estate Taxes for little service to me; what they don't keep for themselves as corruption, they give away to under"priveledged" folks who would RATHER collect and live on welfare than work as I do. I worked my way up from poor to barely middle income, not by sitting on my ass, but by working, sometimes 3 jobs when it was necessary about 40 years ago.
    By the way, did you ever notice how ugly your Queen is? Just sayin' In another post, you said the royal family has their own wealth. Where did they get all that money from if not from the people? Who coined the word tax collector in days of Yore? I love the cartoon Wizard of ID! http://www.gocomics.com/wizardofid/2011/08/17 http://www.gocomics.com/wizardofid/2011/08/11 http://www.gocomics.com/wizardofid/2011/08/02
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