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I got an old American Standard Arcoliner oil fired boiler w/ tankless coil for DHW which we just converted to a 40 gal electric hot water heater.
The coil is cut off - so no water feeds into it, the pipes have been rerouted to the water heater.
However I still have the boiler on - I don't want to shut it down for the off season in fear of it not starting back up in winter.
The plumber turned the control on the low side all the way down (100).
I hear the boiler kick in once in a while - not as much as before though, since we are not calling for hot water through the coil anymore.
My question is - should I just shut it down for the summer?
Is there a way to adjust the controls to stop the boiler from maintaining the temperature for the coil part of the boiler?
The plumber took one look at the inside of the controls and recommended to leave it alone.
I take it in the winter the boiler will be running alot anyway and won't be kicking on often to keep the domestic water hot.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.