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Thread: well and pressure tank

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    Default well and pressure tank

    about 1 year ago we had to drill a new well, uses the same pressure tank its large, as we live in the country, about 6 mo. ago we started to get air in the line, so bad the pipes in the shower started to rattle (a lot) enough to wake us at night, to stop the rattle we turned the shower handle to a different direction and it would stop,for a while. we have cleared the lines and cleared the hot water heaterthat seems to work for couple of days, then back to the air problem. we have called the pump man who installed the new pump, we have called the company who dig the well and neither has an answer. dont know what else to do. does any one have an idea what the problem can be ? not only do we need the sleep, but afraid of what it may do to the welds on the copper pipe. thanks

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    My guess is you have a large galvanized tank and either it doesn't have an air volume control or the AVC is toast. I'm guessing that you also have some method of introducing air to the tank, like a bleeder/snifter/checkvalve. It could also be that you have an iron filter with a micronizer or air pump.

    As for why there is air moving through your pipes at night, there must be some sort of water consumption at the time. Either a softener or iron filter backwashing, or irrigation on timers.

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