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Thread: Toilet riser other than Toilevator?

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    Red face Toilet riser other than Toilevator?

    We have a several toilets that are efficient and flush fine but if we had our druthers would be a couple inches taller, and while the $$ are not truly our issue I have heartburn about putting relatively new porcelain et al in the landfill.

    Apparently there are exactly TWO products on the market to raise an existing toilet, the Toilevator, which as I've looked at it is made of PVC plastic (some think it won't last) and increases height by 3.5" which seems a bit tall to me. Another product is rectangular, looks like a friggin' cat box turned upside-down, and goes even higher at 4".

    I wonder if there are any alternatives for retrofitting a toilet a couple inches higher that folks here have tried or heard about. Yeah I realize the tricky part might be making a good connection from the toilet to the existing flange...

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