Hi all,
I have a 15 year old gas WH that's still running fine but I know the time is coming to replace it and I'm starting to formulate my game plan for it. The WH is original to the house and at the time it was built drain pans were not in the code so it doesn't have one. Now when I replace the WH I will be installing a drain pan. Plumbing the drain is the basis of my question.

Right now my T/P release is plumbed through the wall and outside. This is what I'm thinking. My plan is to connect my drain pan line to the same line as T/P line but to place a check valve between the drain line and the T/P so that if the pressure valve opens it will not blow water, steam, or both, back through the drain line into the pan. The WH installations all reference the T/P pressure at 15 psi and the check valve is rated at 200 psi so does anyone have any thoughts, good or bad, on this potential solution? With the location of the WH in the house I do not see any other way to plumb the drain line.

Thanks in advance.