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Thread: Trimming out a fiberglass combo shwr/tub

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    Default Trimming out a fiberglass combo shwr/tub

    I have recently installed a Lasco 2 piece combo shower/tub assembly, as per the manufacture’s instructions. Screwed the mounting flanges on to bare wood, then overlapped the drywall to 3/8" to the unit walls (used vinyl j-channel for edge of drywall) Caulked with silicon between drywall and fiberglass.

    The finished product looks OK, but I was thinking to add some other trim feature around the tub/drywall intersection. I understand that these tubs expand and contract more, Lasco recommends a minimum of 1/4" caulk joint for that.

    Has anyone added something like ceramic bullnose trim, or exterior PVC trim, mounted on the drywall, caulked to the tub?

    I would think as is, after a few years of cleaning, the paint on the drywall would start to get ragged.

    Thanks John

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    Hi John,

    Tile is always an option. It will bond to the drywall, but the paint (or most of it) should be scraped off. You can then install the tiles with thin set mortar, available at Home Depot or Lowes.
    John Bridge, Ceramic Tile Setter :-)


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    Thanks John

    That should look much better, and hopefully a rookie like me can manage laying a tile border.


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