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Thread: basement bathroom on slab

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    Default basement bathroom on slab

    I am going to install a 3/4 bath in my basement and the plumbing is already stubbed out. I was wondering if it is recommended that I install the fixtures directly on the concrete or build up a subfloor. Also, do I need to place the shower stall directly over the drain pipe or is there enough room under a shower stall floor to move it to the side some?

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    Setting the shower pan directly on the concrete floor is fine. Follow the manufacturers directions for what to set it on or in. NO, there is no room under the pan to offset it unless the verticle pipe in the ground can be offset with fittings. I would suggest some sort of tile,linoleum or vinyl finished floor so it can be cleaned properly.
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    set the pan in mud directly on slab. drain and pipe connection has to be dead on. no play there. i usually pour a floor leveler after pan is set. basement floors are never level.

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    ya gotta check out da John Bridge forums if you're doin' a shower.


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