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Thread: LUX TX9000TS Thermostat. Made AC run all night long.

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    Exclamation LUX TX9000TS Thermostat. Made AC run all night long.

    I have a LUX TX9000TS that is about two years old. I have never had any trouble with it till lately. The first time I switched it to AC this season it seemed like it didn't want to kick the AC on, although it eventually did and then continued to operate normally for several days.

    The weather cooled and I turned the AC off. Fast forward to last night and it was hot again. Before bed I switched the Thermostat to AC and went to bed. I woke up at 5 AM and the house was like a refrigerator inside.

    I went out to the thermostat and discovered the display was blank and again the AC is still running, 7 hours after i turned it on. So i opened the thermostat, replaced the 2 AA batteries and the display worked fine again.

    Is this normal to have this happen when batteries fail in a programmable thermostat?

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    Hello thinkly,

    There should be a 'replace' icon, that tells when the battery is low.

    If the battery voltage is low enough then it may not be able to Toggle the relay, and just stays in the last position that it was in.

    I would say that would be normal.

    Also the colder the battery gets the lower the voltage, so air temp becomes a factor on weak batteries.

    Have a Great day.

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    try running ur ac again pull the tstat from its base does it shut off the unit? if so good if not you got a bad issues.

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