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Thread: Pump/well output halved

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    Default Pump/well output halved

    A few weeks ago, our well/pump started producing less than half the water it normally does. Went from 10-12 gpm to around 4 gpm.

    650 ft 4" well; pump at about 220ft(just a guess from a driller); water level ???; 1 hp pump.

    I've lived here for 5 yrs; pump is at least 10 years old, though probably older.

    I opened the piping right at the well head to eliminate any plumbing issues downstream. The flow alternates from a slow flow to a pretty good flow; kind of a periodic surge. The amps also increase when the water surges. I checked the ohms on the wires running down to the pump and all values were in proper range.

    I thought that maybe the water level has dropped to where it's sucking air now, but the local driller says that's unlikely as water levels have only dropped a foot or two in the last year. He thinks the pump is just going bad.

    Any opinions on what's happening?

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    Sounds exactly like the pump I troubleshot a few weeks ago where the water level was basically only a few feet above the pump. Once the level drops even with the pump intake you get the surging etc.

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    Yep,sounds like your well is running out of water.
    If you leave the pump off for one hour,and then turn it on, does it pump good for a little while them drop off?
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    A few additional questions,

    1) So if the pump needs to be lowered in the well, and given the age of the pump, should I have the pump replaced anyways?
    2) How far should I lower the pump?
    3) Do I need to replace the current wire or can they just splice the additional wire needed? Assuming the wire is in good condition.
    4) Anything else I should have done while the derrick is there and the pipe/pump is pulled?

    The local drilling company quoted labor at 1/2 days work at 185/hr either way(lowering existing or replacing pump).

    Our pump's on galvanized piping that should be in good condition as our water is pretty tame.

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    At ten years old, I would recommend replacing the pump while the work is being done. This will also allow the pump Tech to inspect the drop pipe at the same time. Even though you may have good water, galvanized pipe will still rust. At that depth, the key would be to inspect the threads of the pipe because that is where the pipe is the thinnest.

    As far as how far to lower the pump. I think this would be the recommendation of the pump Tech. If the company has taken care of many wells in your area, they should know a good level to set the pump. I try never to reuse the pump wire. You will never find the nick in the insulation that will take our your motor.

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    Also, depending on the well itself, lowering the pump may not rectify the issue. If the well cannot produce enough water to recover, then the pump will still break suction even after lowering it.

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