I'm having problems with a Delta tub/shower faucet. I'm not certain of the model number, but when I dismantle it, the parts look identical to those in Delta's diagram for Classic Series Models 600 Series. There is a pull-up diverter on the tub spout, not a push button diverter.

What has happened is I installed gate valves on the hot and cold lines supplying the tub. When I turned the house water back on again, no water came out of the tub faucet (with gate valves open OR closed!)

At this point, I have dismantled the faucet, removing everything down to the ball assembly and the seats and springs. I have removed one of the new gate valves again, and tried to blow through the pipe leading to the tub. I can't blow through the pipe, as if it's blocked.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help with ideas!