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Thread: Drywall or greenboard above shower stall?

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    Default Drywall or greenboard above shower stall?

    I just finished installing a 4-piece fiberglass tub and shower surround. Should I use greenboard or regular drywall (or something else) on the walls above the shower?

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    Are the walls and ceiling going to receive tile or just paint.

    Green drywall is junk in my opinion and no worth any premium over regular drywall. Invest in a good primer (Zissner Cover Stain) and excellent bathroom paint if you are going that route. Drywalling ceilings you should work with a ceiling drywall or 12" center joists.

    If your setting tile on those walls 1/2" cement board or 1/2" hardie work great - so does Green EBoard. Green EBoard is not green drywall.

    Good Luck


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    Just paint - and I will take your advice on using quality paint and primer. Thanks.

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