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Thread: very low water pressure 20 psi

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    Default very low water pressure 20 psi

    hi all
    I just moved into an old house built in the 60's. we have a deep well jet system with a 75 gallon galvanized hydroneumatic systems pressure tank. The problem used to be that the pump never go more than 20 psi
    as soon as the pump shuts off we have water for about 10 minute and then nothing till the pump comes on again.
    I put a new Square D 40/60 psi try to adjust my pressure switch but no luck it keep stay on 20 psi
    I would appreciate any help Thank you so much

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    If the pump shuts off at 20 psi then the switch is turning it off at that pressure. If the pump cannot produce more than 20 psi, it would run constantly assuming the switch is set to turn it off at 40 psi. If the pump is shutting off because of thermal overload and has to wait until it resets before starting again, THEN you would run out of water and have to wait until the motor "cooled down" and restarted. From here, and using your description, we have to guess that your pump has to be pulled and repaired or replaced, but that is just a guess without actually testing it and your system.
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    You have some Debri in the nozzle in the jet assembly. You have to remove the jet assembly and remove the venturi, then the nozzle. Clean out the 1/4" hole in the nozzle and reinstall. Be careful and rust, rocks or teflon tape can plug the nozzle again preventing the building of pressure. The 75 gallon galvanized tank probably doesn't have a bladder. I'd suggest thast you replace the tank with a bladder type tank when you can. An even better solution is to install a "Pside-Kick" http://www.cyclestopvalves.com/pdf/p...k-brochure.pdf. It's a package that includes all the pump system components you need plus a small WX-102 Wel-X-Trol bladder tank (all that you need). It will give you constant pressure and keep your pump from cycling.
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