The water pump in my septic system is not working well, two issues:
1. Sometimes the float just wonít trigger the pump, even if I lifted it, do I need to replace it or should I look into something? Sometimes it will work (magically), should I replace it?
If I replace do I just replace the head or I replace the wire as well? The one home depot is selling (http://www.*********.com/h_d1/N-5yc1...atalogId=10053) comes with the wire, thatís why I am asking. Replacing the wire is a little troublesome since the wire is buried
2. Sometimes the float started to work (magically), but the pump will be triggered once a minute or so. The reason is that when the pump stops, water will back flow to fill the tank gradually. I am sure the drain field is still working as most of the water is pumped out, just a small amount of water will flow back every time. I donít know if it has a one way check valve, should I install one? (I don't know why it wasn't installed originally so wondering if it's OK to install a one way check valve in a septic water pump)