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Thread: Water pressure slows down.

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    Default Water pressure slows down.

    Hi and thanks for any info.

    My cottage (which I've bought as my home) has a well pit approx. 30 ft from the house inlet, and about 12 ft down an incline. It is a shallow well, but I'm not sure of the depth. I had water, but it was low pressure plus I had a very noisy pump and broken pressure tank, so I bought a replacement 1/2 hp shallow jet pump (same as was there before), and replaced the broken 20 gallon tank with a 35 gallon bladder type tank (learned later it made have been overkill, but it's a done deal now). Thanks to a couple great neighbors, I got it put in this past weekend and everything is good. EXCEPT...when I first run the shower, the water blasts out, then about halfway thru it slows down, I still have water, just the pressure is way down. Same thing when I water my garden, blasts for about 10 minutes, then slows down to a dribble. Please don't say I bought the wrong stuff, like I said it's a done deal and I can't return them. Plus I'm on a very tight budget. Plus I'm not sure I can complain to my nice neighbors. Also I don't know much about the pressure etc...except I was told the pump was preset to 30/50, and my neighbor said he adjusted the tank down to 33 (said the manual said 28 but he left it a touch higher). Would one of those CSV's help? It's not the end of the world because I do have water...but it's frustrating I bought all this new equipment and I still can't water my garden or run the shower while washing clothes. Someone else mentioned I might need an auxiliary pump at the cottage(?) Any ANY suggestions would be helpful, just keep them in easy terms please. Thanks!

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    Turn on the shower and go watch the pressure guage on the pump. When the pressure goes from 50 to 30 the pump will come on. If while the shower is still running the pressure goes back up to 50 and shuts off the pump, a CSV will solve that proplem and give you much better pressure. If the pressure just stays low while the shower is on, you are running low on water or pump size. You also need to let a little air out of the tank. Should be no more air than 28 PSI.

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