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Thread: Irrigation Well

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    Default Irrigation Well


    I have an irrigation well that is rust staining a white vinyl fencing that surrounds my yard.....a recent sample returned these results:

    Hardness 84.0 mg/l
    Iron 0.23 mg/l
    Manganese 0.084 mg/l
    pH 7.8
    Chloride 9.3 mg/l
    Sodium <20.0 mg/l
    Nitrates <0.5 mg/l

    I am wondering what might be the best way to correct this. I need to maintain a 12GPM flow rate when the system is running.....I have approximately 1 acre of lawn and on hot days will use 2500 gallons per day keeping the blue grass irrigated.

    Any ideas ?


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    Default Sprinkler system and iron removal

    Here is a link for an iron removal filtration system that I have used very successfully. These need to be plumbed in parallel to supply the flow rates needed for your sprinkler system application.

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