My wife and I moved into a house that has a sprinkler pump that pulls water from a farm pond. With 14 zones and 9 heads per zone the pond eventually gets very low. The previous owner had buried 600 feet of 2 inch poly pipe from a nearby river to refill the pond.

In order to refill the pond the water has to pulled up the bank of the river (approx 10-12 feet) and then moved through 600 feet of 2" poly pipe going up in elevation about 25 feet from the bank of the river. All of the electrical needed to run a 220 pump is set up at the river. What pump set up should we use?

We tried a Goulds GT15 sprinkler pump but it cavitates unless we narrow the outlet side (at the pond 600 feet away fromt he pump) down to a 1/2 of an inch. When we do this we only get 10 GPM. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Greg & Melissa