A man went to his dentist to have a tooth pulled. "First I have to give you something for the pain," says the dentist, "this is a needle full of novacaine." "That will kill me," says the patient, "I am allergic to novacaine." The dentist goes out and comes back with a tank of laughing gas and a mask. "Here, breathe into this mask and you won't feel a thing." "I can't," says the patient. "I am claustrophobic and I will not be able to breathe in the mask." The dentist is puzzled. He has nothing more to offer his patient for pain relief. But he gets an idea, leaves the room, and comes back with three ****** pills. The patient sees the pills and says "I know what those are. They are ******s. Will ****** stop pain?" "No," says the dentist, "but they will give you something to hold on to while I pulll the tooth."