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Thread: Replacing Plumbing System on Well

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    Default Replacing Plumbing System on Well

    Hello All,

    It's been a while since I've been on here. I'm hoping I can get some assistance with a project. I bought a vacation home up north and I'm going to convert the hot water tank over to gas from electric. Simultaneously I'm going to move the hot water tank from the first floor down into the basement right next to where the water enters the basement. The expansion tank is very large and it's going to be replaced with a smaller bladder type unit and moved into the basement also. I'm also going to add a particulate filter, taste & odor filter and a water softener.

    I know a couple of things. One the water is hard. I had it measured there is no iron but there are 25 parts hardness. The scale I was shown when measured says that anything over 20 is very hard. The water tastes fine. I also know I have a submersible type pump. I don't know anything else. So if there is something I ought to know please advise and I'll figure it out.

    The link below is a diagram of the new system I'm looking to install sometime before winter. Please let me know if I'm missing anything here or if I should do anything differently. I tried to re-size the file but was unable to. That is why I provided the link.




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    Is there a reason I'm not getting any feedback on my question? Is it not clear?



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    I can't help you much with water quality. And I can't see your diagram very well. My questions would be; What kind of pump controller? Where is the pressure switch? You mean pressure tank not expansion tank?

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