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Thread: Water Ridge by Costco parts

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    Default Water Ridge by Costco parts

    My 4yr old grandson practiced a carate move on the hot handle of my Water Ridge lavatory faucet I bought at costco a few years ago. The cartridge broke and I started looking for a repair part. Not much luck, until I noticed a post on your forum that mentioned a pair of brand names that were manufactured by the same company - Pegasus and Glacier Bay. Broken cartridge in hand I headed for Home Depot where I checked out their ceramic repair cartridges. They had a few for Glacier bay and I decided to gamble on 3S-15H stock no. 10406 for about ten bucks. Works great right stem length, cartridge diameter, and handle travel. I have a hunch other parts and faucets may interchange. Hope this makes your search for Water Ridge parts possible.

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    You were lucky.
    If Costco puts their name on Italian or German faucets, then you may need to keep looking. WaterRidge isn't a real brand name. It's what the Costco buyer sells whatever he buys under.
    Have you ever seen a "waterridge" web site?

    Which by the way, when I moved into this house, it had a WaterRidge faucet. Frankly, it wasn't very good and everyone complained until I replaced it.

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    Water Ridge is the Yugo of plumbing fixtures. Fortunately, the do NOT make their own stuff, so if you are diligent you MAY be able to find a matching part from the company that really made it. Just because a Glacier Bay worked in your case, does NOT mean that other WaterRidge faucets were made by the same company.
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    This is a notice of a waterridge recall. Probably not your model, but on the notice is a phone number customer service. That may be a source in the future to get parts.

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