Thanks for the pics Chad. Looks like Cree's downlights are either 2700K or 3500K. In that case, I'll stick with the Home Depot 2700K Cree model. Their website shows them at $39.97 each for my store. I don't think there's any utility rebates offered here either.

I would like to use the Lutron Toggler/Ariadni C-L dimmer which is made for CFL's and LED's HERE. Lutron lists the CR6 as compatible with their dimmer HERE but Cree does not list the Lutron Toggler/Ariadni as compatible with their lamp HERE. No big deal, I'm going to try it, but just interesting.

What does concern me is Cree says this on their site: In situations where there are multiple dimming circuits sharing the same breaker feed, ELV (Electronic Low Voltage) dimmers should be used. What is an ELV dimmer? I can't find if the Lutron Toggler/Ariadni qualifies.

Edit: This shit is too complicated and makes me want to use incandescents