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Thread: LED Lamp for Can light housings

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    Default LED Lamp for Can light housings

    Last night my wife and I were at a Home Depot and my wife pointed out to me the display they had with an integrated LED "bulb" and trim built to use in 6 inch hi hat housings. Past winter I had bought a Lutron dimmer for use with dimmable CFL's and LED lamps, plus 2 Sylvania dimmable R30 CFL bulbs. I was not impressed at all with the perfomance. These CFL's were on Lutron's list of tested bulbs.
    I don't think they would dim down to even 50% before they would flicker and go out completely.

    So, last night, even though i was not impressed by this integrated, bulb trim unit, I bought 2 of them to try out. After all, you can return even an abused lawnmower with a siezed up engine to HD as long as you drain out the fluids. ( I never did, but I have seen people actually do this!).
    The cans I installed them in are over 30 years old, but they worked out fine. In order to properly install these bulbs, you have to remove the trim and some of the bracketry for the bulb socket, as these units have their own clips to support them in the housing.

    I was very pleasantly surprised! These bulbs work GREAT! they dim down to about 10% smoothly and they look nice (not as nice as the Juno eyball trim I had). They are as bright as a 60 Watt incandescant bulb as far as I can see by eye. they have a 3 year warranty. They are expensive at 35 bucks each, for sure, but I like! No real heat, even less than a CFL.
    And no, I have no stock in Home Depot. I do with Lowes, though.

    I don't know what kind of return on investment I'll get with 70 dollars worth of light bulbs for 3 years, and I hope they do not fail before that, although for that kind of money, you can bet I'll save my receipt for them. I bought them cause I think they are real cool (well I do now, after installing them).

    installation info: http://www.*********.com/catalog/pdf...1094eafc05.pdf

    sorry about the link being censored, but you can google it
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