Hi - I am new to this site, and am hoping for help. 3 months ago we moved into an apartment house (bought a Co-op) that was built in the 1960s and I don't know to what extent any pipes were replaced since then.
From the start we noticed that 80% of the time, we could not get cold water from the kitchen cold tap, only very warm. We get normal jot water from the hot. We get normal cold and hot in the bathroom. I spoke with 2 other residents in the same apartment "line" above and below me by several floors, and they have the same problem.When I told the Superintendent, he did not seem surprised, and said there must be a resident with an "illegal" washing machine in their unit. Also said there's little he can do since he's not allowed to investigate by searching apartments. I am getting annoyed with having to go to the bathroom sink --- my husband jokes that I'm going to the "pump" --- numerous times a day to fill my coffee pot, my water filter pitcher, ice cube trays, wash veggies, etc.. Any ideas as to whether the Super's assumption sounds right? Whether there could be another plumbing reason for my problem (same above and below me) that could be solved? Also, Super said that warm water does not mean the washer causes unclean or unsafe water, so I do use it to start cooking, steaming food....but I am now questioning....Does this sound safe? Thank you very much.