Hi All,

I bought my current house (A Ranch) about three years ago. It had PB piping in it and knowing that PB pipe was considered as bad news, I asked for a reduction on the price of the house with the intent of replacing the pipe myself as I am a pretty handy guy and a good plumber. I am on a well. All of the runs from a Vanguard Manablock are home runs with the exception of three. I replaced the splices, which did show signs of corrosion and very slow leaking with watts shark bite type fittings. I have made quite a few upgrades to the house, where I have changed the plumbing to most fixtures with CPVC, and watts adapters to the PB piping in the basement. I have seen no deterioration of the PB piping anywhere, and it seems to be in good condition. I kind of like the home run aspect of the system. Am I kidding myself in thinking that all of the problems with PB piping systems were related to the fittings, and should I just go ahead and replace all of the PB? It seems like a shame to tear out perfectly good piping.

Thanks, Jim Agans