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Thread: Americans, global warming, 100 degree heat, aging infrastructure

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    See, if I was selling that ( which I would refuse to for no matter of $) I would write it up as:

    A real charmer for those who delight in the after life. If dark shadows lurking in the still air, along with a faint smell of death hanging in the chilling darkness of the night is something which could entertain you, then this bone house is the place for you. Whispers of long-dead soldiers echoed with the sound of footsteps coming from nowhere are just one of the amenities this place has to offer. The flickering lights of the one of a kind man- made bone chandelier to the feelings of unease and forboding are perfect for those who like to experience life to a full circle. This is a true money-maker offering those a permanent residence when the time comes. Do not let this one elude you.
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