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Thread: toilet seat issue

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    Default toilet seat issue

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Size:  48.7 KBcan this toilet seat issue be repaired, The seat wont stay on.Name:  1.jpg
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    For safety reasons, the bowl should be replaced. Broken porcelain is sharp like broken glass. Someone could get hurt very badly.

    Can you post a picture that shows the entire toilet including the flushometer?
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    Porcelain can develop stress cracks from whatever incident caused that break. You could have a minor leak develop, or a much larger failure of the porcelain. I assume from the type of toilet this is a commercial facility. From a liability standpoint, I would take that toilet out of service immediately.

    Someone may point out that the toilet might be just fine for 20 more years...which is true. But can you take the chance

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    Terry and Jimbo, upload new pic. I live in an apartment building in Brooklyn NY and I have cut my fingers many times just trying to fix the seat.... Thank you for the info. Time to call the management company. This was done by the super trying to fix a leak..

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    If I'm not mistaken, a "super" is what we in the world outside of NYC call a "handyman". Hope it is too much shock to learn there is a beyond NYC. LOL. Definitely get to the management company. Maybe a casual mention of the phrase, "my attorney" might prompt them to call in a real plumber and replace that broken pot. Sometimes these management types have to be hit up along side the head to get their attention.

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