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Thread: Aquastat(?) on Forced Hot Water Weil-McClain(about 25 years old)

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    Default Aquastat(?) on Forced Hot Water Weil-McClain(about 25 years old)


    I am very glad I found these forums, and really hope somebody can help. I recently compiled some data from my heating bills. The single oil furnace does the domestic hot water, and the hot water for the baseboard heat. All laundry is done in cold. The home is about 1300 sq ft with about 1000 of it heated in the winter. We have one bathroom and two of us total living here full time. Between last October and this April, we used 2 gallons of oil per day(~345 gallons). We use a programmable thermostat to set the heat at 68 when we are awake and home, and 64 during the night.

    I thought 345 gallons was pretty good for a winter. However, in the summer, non heating months, we used ~300 gallons. Only 45 less than the winter?! Granted, there are three people living and showering here in the summer, shouldn't it be less than that?

    I took some pictures of the furnace, and an "Enertol" unit. I could not find any documentation on the Enertrol at all online. I did open the Honeywell temp. control(gray) box and set it to 160 Hi/140 Lo, and there was another small dial, VAR, I believe set at 5. (It was at 180/160, 5)

    The Enertrol box has a left, right switch and and temp sum. I've attached photos. If anybody can help with this, that would be wonderful. Without touching the hot water, it takes 3:47 to maintain the water temp(i.e., no hot water is used, when the furnace triggers on, it takes this time to heat back up). I also noticed the water in the line for the baseboard heat(under floor)(but not at the baseboard) stays piping hot even during the summer.


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