Our cabin currently has an "Ace Hardware Countryman 501 Series" 115 VAC 40 gallon "Lowboy" (32" high) water heater. The tag on it says it was manufactured in 1988, it has rust on the outside and water is leaking down from on top. I can't say for certain that it's bad, but it's getting replaced anyways. I didn't want to even try to get it running.

It's under the cabin and there is a dedicated electric connection for 115 VAC. My research shows most larger electric water heaters run off 220 VAC. I could get one, but do not want to have to pay an electrician to run a 220 circuit. Is this something I could do myself?

Failing that, is there a 40 or 50 gallon hot water heater with a low profile (32" or so) available? I've found a couple, but do not want to purchase one over another without some reason to do so.

Thanks in advance,