Hello all,
I've been a huge fan of this forum, and have found many good answers on this site before thanks to the search engine. This time, however, I ran into a snag that's got me stumped, and greatly appreciate your sage advice!

I've got a 2" cast iron hub sticking out of the ground. Above the hub was a galvanized steel system joined with lead and oakum. The steel was at the end of its life, and I am looking to replace with PVC. The joint is out, but none of the Fernco donuts fit: I tried the SV size from the big box store, and special ordered the XH size (P/N 22UX-205). But it's still too small. The ID of the hub is about 3 1/4", which according to the rep at Fernco is in-between sizes, making a donut not an option.

I think the most painless solution is to buy a short section of cast iron, and remake a lead/oakum joint, then attach with a rubber coupling to PVC. But I have some unknowns:

1. Does the cast iron look to be in good enough shape for this?

2. Is the lead/oakum something an ambitious DIY'er can do? I can weld and solder, and am not afraid to do a little research and get my hands dirty.

Thanks in advance!

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