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Thread: This must be the correct Forum to post BS, I got some for you.

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    Default This must be the correct Forum to post BS.

    It seems that this Forum has Mods that edit words to suit them.

    They should not edit the Facts, Just because the do not know the facts or disagree.

    This seems to be what the problem is;


    I am not an expert on this but it is described as;

    Napoleon complex is an informal term describing an alleged type of inferiority complex which is said to affect some people, especially men, who are short in stature. The term is also used more generally to describe people who are driven by a perceived handicap to overcompensate in other aspects of their lives.

    If You are a big enough person to delete my post or edit them , just tell me to my face. And email me.

    I know when I am wrong. Send me a personal message, do not edit my post. Have some Balls.

    I do not like it when a Mod has a Napoleon complex, And Modifies my or any other persons post with out good reason.

    There is a cure for this;

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